Training in spinal endoscopy

Opération chirurgicale endoscopie rachidienne

"This allows surgeons to see both the image I see, and what I do. He can then better understand what techniques and hand gestures are involved. "

International medical training

From France to Argentina to Kuwait, the surgical technique of UBE (Unilateral Biportal-Endoscopy) is regularly taught to groups of international practitioners by Dr. Guillaume Lonjon (Clinique Saint-Jean-Sud de France – Montpellier, France) and broadcast live using the Orsync kit.

Spinal endoscopy, a state-of-the-art technique

Spinal endoscopy contrasts with the traditional surgical approach. It features two small incisions (just a few millimeters), one for a tiny camera and the other for miniaturized tools. It enhances the surgeon’s precision. On the patient’s side, it is less invasive and, in most cases, reduces the need for painkillers and hospitalization.

Live medical training with Orsync

Thanks to the Orsync solution, the 2-hour operation was instantly rebroadcast to an audience of doctors. They were able to watch the operation live, with precise shots of the operating field and imaging.

Geographical boundaries are no obstacle for Orsync, which enables live transmission of operations with HD image and sound quality, as well as a high-performance 5G connection.

Infographie orsync case study formation médicale à l'internationale, endoscopie rachidienne

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