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Orsync is a collaborative solution created by Careprod Technologies that simplifies tele-assistance and facilitates knowledge transfer in real time.

It has been designed to meet the critical needs of support, assistance, and medical education in operating theaters.

It also allows broadcasting cases and connects surgeons with remote collaborators.

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Assist your peers in real time during complex surgeries
Collaborate anywhere in the world
Train fellow physicians
Create and share innovative educational material

100+ Kits deployed worldwide
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Dr. Guillaume Lonjon

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Montpellier, France

“Orsync is, for me and my associates, the perfect solution to share our expertise on surgical techniques.

With the epidemic of COVID, we could no longer receive visitors in the operating room; and Orsync allowed us to continue these exchanges which are essential in a surgeon’s training. Since the end of the crisis this remains an obvious choice for us, especially in terms of ecology, because it no longer seems legitimate to move a surgeon for a single surgical operation.

The versatility of the Orsync system is important, allowing to share all types of surgeries (seated/standing surgery, open/endoscopic, deep/superficial) and to share images of all the technological tools necessary to perform these surgeries (arthroscopy column, navigation, fluoroscopy, operating microscope, etc.).

Careprod Technologies has also made Orsync a product that meets the standards of the operating room and the surgeon’s fears, particularly regarding the risk of septic problems.”

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Prof. Vincent Costalat

Head of Neuroradiology


“Orsync has clearly been a new experience for me, introducing the concept of full mobility for the proctor. I’m able to interact with colleagues from my personal computer in a few clicks, with an optimal level of image quality and no lag in voice transmission.

The simplicity of the interface is the most important in my point of view. I was given a 3-minute demo before starting my case. By the end, I felt like I was in the angio suite beside my colleagues!

It’s a true solution to share our experience and knowledge, and to improve patient care worldwide!”

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