The digital solution for sharing medical expertise.

Welcome to the future of modern health care: our live telepresence solution, directly from the operating room.
Get ready for a special medical experience where the boundaries of distance fade away, and medical expertise is just a click from your fingertips – wherever you are in the world.


Distance is no longer a barrier to medical excellence.

Orsync enhances access to medical expertise, ongoing training for doctors, and the quality of care – all while reducing costs, and enabling better collaboration and resource management.

Orsync kits are currently being implemented in healthcare facilities worldwide to enable surgeons to participate in live surgeries. They are designed to have minimal impact in operating rooms and can be packed in a double flight case.

Various devices and features are included in the kit: the cameras, dedicated internet connection, high performance audio devices… They facilitate the transfer of medical knowledge and promote exchanges among professionals around the world.

PTZ Cameras 🎥

  • NDI Compatible Solutions System
  • Plug & play
  • 20X Zoom
  • 1080p and up to 4K video signal (for input and output)

Touchscreen 📱

  • To control cameras
  • To draw and annotate

Audio system 🔊

To communicate with a near zero latency

Plug and play core unit 🖥️

  • Deployment in 15 minutes
  • Locked Ethercon connectors
  • Dedicated encoding chip to prevent the encoded signal from passing through the SSD
  • Saving to your own USB storage
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Make a positive impact on patient care

Orsync has been designed to enable all medical professionals to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, worldwide.


Unlock the power of telepresence: discover our feature-packed solution!

We’re committed to making surgeries more comfortable for everyone: patients, doctors, fellows, industries. With this in mind, we’ve developed many features specific to Orsync that simplify telepresence.

Mobile and independent

The Orsync kit is mobile and easy to deploy.

It comes with its dedicated and secure 4G/5G connection, allowing it to operate independently from the hospital’s network; ensuring flexibility and connectivity in any location.

HD video and audio

 Communicating has never been clearer with Orsync.

 Remotely controllable HD cameras and an advanced audio system ensure real-time communication without any latency, ensuring efficient and seamless interactions no matter where you are. 


The confidentiality of patient data is at the heart of our concerns.

Our blurring option enables you to protect your patient’s privacy and minimize risks, while respecting medical ethics.


Bring a new dimension of precision and communication to the operating room.

The ability to annotate medical imaging in real time allows surgeons to explain and share their actions with colleagues, while ensuring remote supervision.

Recording and storage

Capture your operation and store it on your VOD platform.

Our recording feature allows you to create and store content that enhances medical education on your personalized VOD platform.


For peace of mind, our technical support is available 24/7.

In case of a special event, or for a more specific need, it’s possible to book online or on-site support. We offer 24/7 support with global coverage: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.






Orsync in use



Esthetic surgery

Plastic surgery


Explore the voices of delighted users!

Discover how our clients have found peace of mind, security, and simplicity through our cutting-edge remote proctoring system.

Dr. Răzvan Radu
Interventional Neurologist
Hospital Bucharest - Romania

“In areas with limited access to expert neuro-interventional radiology training, the Orsync system is revolutionising education by facilitating remote proctoring, teaching, and assistance.  “

Prof. Vincent Costalat​
Head of Neuroradiology Department Montpellier - France​

“Orsync has clearly been a new experience for me, introducing the concept of full mobility for the proctor. I’m able to interact with colleagues from my personal computer in a few clicks, with an optimal level of image quality and no lag in voice transmission. ”

Dr. Guillaume Lonjon
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Montpellier - France

“Orsync is, for me and my associates, the perfect solution to share our expertise on surgical techniques.

The versatility of the Orsync system is important, allowing to share all types of surgeries (seated/standing surgery, open/endoscopic, deep/superficial) and to share images of all the technological tools necessary to perform these surgeries (arthroscopy column, navigation, fluoroscopy, operating microscope, etc.).


Orsync in use: take a pic and send it our way!

Ankle prosthesis placement
Training in spinal endoscopy
Dental implant surgery
Training with fellows
Heart surgery