Our Solution

Video assistance for operating theaters

Flexible and ergonomic, Orsync adapts perfectly to the operating theater’s constraints and has minimal impact on the practitioner’s working space.

With Orsync deployed, the surgeon can exchange knowledge in real time with remote collaborators. The specialist can also connect and share any device (MRI, fluoroscopy, microscope, ECG, device programmer, etc.) as a video source in the interface.

Easy to deploy, mobile, and autonomous through its independent 4G/5G network; Orsync connects healthcare professionals wherever they are and improves decision-making during complex surgical procedures.

The Orsync interface: simple to use, fluid, and intuitive


Controlling from a distance allows to get an optimal understanding of the environment.

From the prep work to the procedure, from the physician’s hands to the operating theaters‘ screens; our full-HD cameras provide 360 degrees of visibility and the possibility to zoom. This makes for an immersive, collaborative experience.


Effective education relies on clear communication: the crystal-clear, two-way audio ensures that what’s being said on one side is heard accurately on the other; with zero latency.


Communication is improved through the Proctor’s ability to make annotations within the interface, in real time. Marking a specific zone, writing a message, drawing, erasing: every action of the pen is mirrored, with no latency on either side.


When it comes to privacy and security standards, Orsync technology goes above and beyond HIPAA- and GDPR-compliance.

All the data in transit is encrypted, and the data transmission is protected using HMAC-SHA-256 message authentication codes.
No medical data is stored in the application.


In case of a special event, or for a more specific need, it’s possible to book online or on-site support.

We offer 24/7 support with global coverage: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The advantages of Orsync

Improve patient safety and quality of life
Remove the logistic constraints for proctoring and training
Improve staff training, and standardize care
Accelerate medical device adoption
Optimize operating theater efficiency

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