About Us

Connect the medical community

Empower medical education

Improve health care

Our mission

We aim to positively impact patient lives by designing, manufacturing and selling collaborative solutions and services that contribute to empower medical education and critical support in operating theaters.

Our vision

We concentrate our efforts in our areas of expertise, in order to bring the latest innovations in media technology and improve health care.

We are a customer centered facilitator, always focused to bring the best service.

We are recognized by our partners as company of excellence, commitment and integrity, with always the highest quality and security standards.

We act boldly to be disruptive, overcome barriers and achieve our goals.

How it all started

Orsync is designed and developed by Careprod Technologies.

Careprod Technologies is a Careprod subsidiary; a french audiovisual production company specializing in the medical and healthcare fields since 2012.

Careprod Technologies develops integrated, flexible, and easy-to-deploy solutions; designed for operating room needs and videoconferencing.

Why trust us ?

Our IT and medical video expertise
The flexibility of our tailored solutions
Our reactive maintenance with qualified technicians
Our international experience

15+ Years in IT
10+ Years in medical
20+ Team members

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